Vote Lecompton as the Best Small Town in Kansas

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Why is Lecompton the Best Small Town in Kansas?

Because with a population of 660 awesome folks, we have a lot to offer:

Amazing, nation-changing history as the capital of the Kansas Territory.  Two museums, two eateries, zero stoplights.  Fantastic, caring schools with good teachers.  Active Community Pride with live plays, dance classes, library, bingo.  Great shops, beauty salons and local businesses.  Fun community celebrations like the Bald Eagle Rendezvous and Territorial Days. 

This summer (June 2016) we will be having a huge extravaganza celebrating 160 years of Constitution Hall and the anniversary of the Battle of Fort Titus during Territorial Days.

To vote visit KANSAS! magazine’s Facebook page and click the vote tab (Vote on Facebook page), or you can  Vote Online.  Votes can be entered once daily through May 31st. The final five small towns will be unveiled with the winter issue of KANSAS! in November.

This is a contest sponsored by Kansas! Magazine.  If Lecompton is one of the five small towns, it would be a boost to our already awesome town.  Let’s let everyone know what we already know:  Lecompton is the best small town to visit and to live!


If you are not familiar with Lecompton, it is in northwest Douglas County and has a population of a little more than 600. But it has a heap of Civil War history. It was the site of the Lecompton Constitution, which sought to admit Kansas as a slave state into the union. It garnered national debate at the time, and was one of the flash points leading up to the Civil War.

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