• Welcome to the first issue of “The Bald Eagle”
  • George Washington Brown:  Early Settler


  • New Interest Being Shown in Lecompton and its History…
  • Old Constitution Hall
  • Our Early Settlers; Dr. Johiel Bonebrake



  • Progress on Lane Restoration Being Made
  • Early Abstract History


  • The McCall Family 1855



  • Lane University Restoration
  • Lane University Historical Facts
  • Early Lecompton History


  • Early Days in Lecompton by Fred Baetlett


  • Misc. current events


  • Lecompton Sun Articles from 1891 and 1892



  • Elmore Street photo
  • Building Updates


  • Restoration of Lane University 1976


  • Misc.



  • Misc.


  • Larry Winn, Jr.


  • Misc.


  • Misc.



  • Lane University Restoration
  • Bessie Hundley’s Strawberry Bread recipe
  • German Visitors
  • Thomas and Hanora Anderson


  • Charter of Lane Univ. published in the Lecompton Sun in 1891



  • Restoration Updates
  • McCarty family history


  • Site of first Kansas Governor’s mansion
  • Denver, Kansas Territory
  • Obit:  Alexander W Glenn



  • Early Settler George Zinn 1854
  • 1857 Lecompton Constitution influences Lincoln’s 1860 election


  • Living History of the US Cavalry
  • Ely Moore, early settler


  • History of Constitution Hall
  • William McDowell Nace


  • Battle of Ft. Titus
  • Col. Henry T. Titus



  • Inside View of LowerPrison Room at Lecompton 1850
  • Judge Samuel Dexter Lecompte
  • The Preacher who Married Ike’s Parents: E.B. Slade


  • Lane University’s Early History
  • James Henry Lane


  • David Eisenhower Dedicates Lane University
  • Solomon Weaver, Lane University’s First President


  • Christmas Remembrances 1888-1929
  • Edna Bahnmaier



  • Slaves in Lecompton
  • Camp Sackett


  • July 4th celebrations of 1858, 1880, 1885. 1928
  • Alexander Glenn/Elizabeth Zinn wedding
  • 50th Anniversary of Mr./Mrs. Moses McCall
  • Glenn School District


  • Battle of Ft. Titus:  Eye Witness Account


  • Letters of Col. Axalla John Hoole, South Carolina
  • Obituaries of Raymond Ice, Robert Crawford, Albert Leslie Shaner, Karl Kreider



  • Churches of Big Springs Kansas 1856 – 1859
  • Obituaries: Louis E. Lasswell, Doren Glenn Herschell, Gladys V Holloway, Goldie F McCall


  • Lecompton Ferries and William R Simmons
  • Obits:  Laura E Taylor, Lucy M Large


  • Chester A. Arthur’s Visit to Lecompton in 1857
  • Obits: Helen E Oberhelman, Louise Meierhoff, Walter Brown Stauffer


  • The Todhunter Family: Early Settlers
  • Obits:  Calvin Junior Maust, Starr Glenn



  • Geary and the Governor’s Mansion
  • Obits: George Marvin Everett


  • Gov. Geary and William Sherrard
  • Glenn family history
  • Obits:  Eldred G Day, Harriet V Lowe, Grace Dedrick


  • Henry Hiatt, Kansas Pioneer
  • Thomas Garcia, Sr., 1922
  • Obits:  Howard R Harshberger, Jeanne Winter Brass


  • Recollections of a Kansas Town by William C Hoad
  • Obits: Mary N Lasswell, Earl M Goodrich, Virginia Lee Confer



  • William Hoad story, Part II
  • Bob Steinmetz, Lecompton stories
  • Obits:  Mary A Teegarden, Phillip L McClanahan, Ila B Webster


  • Hotels of Lecompton: 1855 – 1861
  • Obits:  Alice O’Donnell, Harold M, Foree, Ross Cole, Myra S Keeler, Bertha Esther Rake



  • Jakob Walter, Lecompton Descendants
  • 1st temperance meeting, 1856
  • Early Lecompton Churches
  • Obits:  Herman Banks, Maurine F Roy, Romans C Dekat


  • Albert R Green : early settler
  • Rowena Hotel
  • Obits:  Pearl L Faust, Rosa Liberty Hildenbrand, Mabel Glenn, Eula Clegg McCall, Dr. J. Darryl McCall Jr.


  • Elmore St
  • City Laws of 1895
  • Obits: Wilma A Fleming, Helen M Hoots, Ruby Grammer,William Chester Lewellen


  • Business owners in early Lecompton
  • Hill family, early settlers



  • Kansas Territorial Governors
  • Blue Lodges (Sons of the South) and Kansas Regulators
  • Obits:  Ibba J Stauffer, Helen Sehon Pollom, Bernice Mitchell Wagner


  • Territorial Governors, Part II


  • Lecompton Lodge No. 13 A.F. & A.M.
  • Obits:  George Ray Norwood, W. Jarvis Brink, Beverly Jo Virtue


  • Stanton Mansion
  • Obits: Dr. Ray Gieseman, Frederick R McClanahan, Madge H Rothberger



  • 1857 Tour of Kansas Territory by James. I. Hindman
  • Obits:  Candace S. Sehon, Henry A Bubb, Inez Augusta Chiles, Hazel Ann Wingfield McLaughlin


  • Doll History and Collection
  • Obits: Kenneth Matney, Ruth Davidson, Dorothy May Foley, Christine J Kraft, Dolph Simons Sr.


  • Dwight Eisenhower’s Parents
  • High School Alumni as of 1924
  • Lecompton High School Seniors of 1932
  • Obits:  Irene Hoffsommer, Dorothy A Baughmon



History of Stull Kansas

  • Obits:  Joe Foley, Evelyn M Sheldon, J Russell Migliario, Barbara Michal, Elmer J Petesch, Dorothy L Kapp


  • Rising Sun, Kansas Territory, 1857
  • Obits:  James G Clarke, Thelma L Baldwin, Dotty Traxler, Wilbur M Hildenbrand


  • Sheriff Samuel Jones
  • Obits: Anne Greene Keller, Garnet “Sonny” Dickson, John W McAlexander Jr


  • Constitution Hall History and Restoration
  • The Lecompton Union Newspaper 1856
  • Obits:  Ronald E Jones, Mary Agnes Wolken, Katherine F Gardner, Oliver Harold Wingfield



  • ‘Ameria in 1857, A Nation on the Brink” by Kenneth M Stampp
  • Kansas Territory: 1857
  • Morris Family History
  • Obits:  Louis W Crady, Theodore J Hall, Laura T Endacott, Curtis Hill Sehon, Dorothy Florence Bennett, Raymond Hoffsommer
  • Bald.Eagle.Vol17.No2.Summer.1991
  • The Isaac Shirley Family
  • Lake View Kansas
  • Obits:  Denzel Gibbens, Rachel M Larson, Ann L Alderman, Leona Brunkow, Thomas Lee Brooke, Frank Millard Taylor, Melvin D Confer


  • Colonel Samuel Walker
  • Obits: Forrest J Springer, Wilford Graham Chiles, Emma Evangeline Page, Fred L Cooper, Opal F Rake


  • History of Lecompton Churches
  • Obits: Hazel Bertschinger McClanahan, Denna L Shirar



  • Lecompton City Sidewalks
  • The Ed Harris Family
  • Obits:  Elizabeth Bahnmaier, Lavina Bates Chegwyn, William H Penny, Ruth Thomas


  • Lecompton History prior to the Fire of 1916 by Faye Todhunter Glenn
  • David and Mary Martin, son George Martin
  • Obits: Cloyd Lee Dreyer, Cecil L Lasswell, Harold Glenn Jasperson


  • 1903 Flood at Lecompton
  • Obits:  Phillip H Lewis, Jane E Shehi Barr, Clyde H Kampschroeder, Dr. Richard O Nelson, Mabel V Briggs, Joe Garcia, Dale T Bartlett, Geneva Minitier, Lawrence Heeb, Cloyd Lee Dreyer, Juanita E Guffey, Robert M Norwood.


  • The Lecompton High School
  • Obits:  Helen Geraldine Collins, Vada M Fordice



  • The Lecompton Perry Bridge
  • Excerpts from early day newspapers
  • Obits:  Garner E Groh, Richard Ewing Hanson, Fay M Morris


  • Kanwaka  Early History and Settlers
  • History of Kanwaka School
  • Obits:  Esther Bigsby, Grace P Boose, Vivian Crady


  • Big Springs Kansas History
  • Obits:  David V Noe, Benneson H Bisel, Corina F Vausbinder, Lee Winter Gress, JD McCall


  • The Santa Fe Railroad and Lecompton
  • Santa Fe Agent John Milliard Taylor
  • Obits:  Pauline L Windell, Christeen F Wiksten, Margaret Hudson, Joe Deane Christy, Ralph William “Tony” St. Clair, Eugene Thomas Van Vranken



  • The Lecompton Post Office
  • David Thomas and Amanda Melvina Garrett Mitchell family
  • Obits:  Vernon Douglas Spencer, Melvin C Maness, Stanly Eugene French, Dwight C Atkinson


  • Charles and Sara Robinson, First Governor of Kansas
  • Julia M Springer, Edwin Peter Hildenbrand, Fred LePort, Spangler, Alice Carr Clark, Grace Brasher, Wilma Scott Morris, Harry M “Bud” Dark


  • Victory Highway
  • Obits: Clyde Anno, Raymond Thomas Nichols, Amos G Geelan, Mary H Anderson, Grace Elizabeth Blake Hiebert, Helen M Gulley, Frank C Cozad, Ann Lasswell


  • The Rowena Hotel
  • Obits:  Thurman S Pete Edmonds, Una Elizabeth Krieder, Inis Faye Liles, Waneta Jean Willits, Hazelle T Dyer.



  • Starr Young:  Rural School Near Lecompton
  • Obits:  Phoebe Orlena Rogers, Clarence Transmeier, Zolla Jane Tietjens, Charles Floyd Anderson, Wilma Gibbens Williams.


  • Lecompton State Bank History
  • Klaus Family History
  • Obits:  Lloyd M Talley, Frances “Peggy” Beryl Moore, Minnie Sutton, Rev. Charles E Scott, Stephen L Jewett, Daisy E Wingfield, Olivette Jane Wulfkuhle


  • Constitution Hall Dedicated – National Landmark and Kansas Historical Site
  • The Lecompton Constitution
  • Obits: Irene S Vogel, Margaret Ewing Robards, Duane D Chiles, Allie Elder Banks.


  • Lane University: The Rise and Fall of an antebellum College in Lecompton, Kansas by DeAnn Gerdes Steinle
  • Obits: Laverne Wilson.



  • Ely Moore, Judge Rush Elmore and James Ewell Brown (Jeb) Stuart
  • Obits: Lydia Jane Long, Sophia Evans, Charles D Stough Jr., Philip E Hodson, Allvin E Wilson, Eugene Wolken, Walter H McClanahan, Vesta Bahnmaier Wymer, Charles J Sulzen, Martha Ruth Harshberger.


  • The Story of Lecompton by Ely Moore, Jr.
  • Obits: George F Gantz, Le Vona Carter, Dena F Heinz, Roberta M French, Jessie B Rake, Mary E Green, A Ruth McClanahan


  • The Lecompton Story by Ely Moore, Jr.
  • Obits: Geraldine “Jeri” Skinner, Minnie M McAfee, Maurine Foster, Vernon G Hayes, Virgel L Wilson.


  • Lecompton Interchange celebration
  • Constitution Hall history
  • Class of 1938
  • Obits: Margaret Bahnmaier Dark, John E Harrell.



  • Lewis – Crowder Lakeview Cemetary
  • Stony Lonesome – Crowder School
  • Obits: Mabel W Wendel, Sarah I. Engle, Robert Dale


  • Jones School District 73
  • Lecompton Coal Mine
  • Obits: Bessie May Cranwell, Elmira “Grace” Hatcher, Willis R Bowlin, Ella S Stanwix, R Warren Rhodes, Nellie Maude Brown, Faye Luella Glenn.


  • The Lonesome Cowboy, Roy Faulkner.
  • 1951 letter from Fred O Bartlett to George L McCarty
  • Obits: Helen J Humphrey, William A Anderson, Ralph F Hildenbrand, Marlin E Hohberg.


  • Lecompton Territorial Flag
  • Glenn School District #33
  • Obits:  Ruth L Cole, Mary Eloise Magnuson, Elizabeth M Bradfield, George A Steele, Orlin M Milliken, Bruce Beresford.



  • Deer Creek School District #48.
  • Obits:
  • Jack Howard West, Tsuneo “Taj” Tajima, Darrell D Pearce, David William Paslay, Irene Sanford, Homer W Wulfkuhle, Agnes, Loysen, Charles E Grady, E Nadine Goodrich.


  • Lecompton Methodist Church
  • Obits:  Helen C Spangler, Sybil M Schroyer, Edith Elizabeth LaDuke


  • Big Springs School District #72
  • Obits: Huldah Erhart, Ruby Ruth Malott, Oma Louise Kauffman, John Albert Baldwin Jr., Marie Elizabeth Traxler, Carolyn Grace Starkey.


  • The Democratic Headquarters by Tim Rues
  • Obits:  Cecile M Roberts, Ethel Marie Hill


Vol.25, No. 1, Spring, 1999

  • Birthplace of the Civil War, Lecompton Kansas
  • Prelude to Civil War
  • Obits:  Francis N Anderson, Henry E Brown, Roy R Harding, Henry W Carr, Wilma Berniece Tibbs, David E Hubbel, Ralph F Davis.

Vol.25, No. 2, Summer, 1999

  • Barker School District #20.
  • Rev. Francis Barker. Missionary to the Shawnee Indians.
  • Obits: Thelma Hemme, Charley Harold Nichols, Russell Wilfred Milliken, Margery Day Hanson, James Albert Grant, Marie Confer, Roberta M Kent, Edwin Linquist Sr., Helen Chappell, Ida Mae Hall.

Vol. 25, No. 3, Fall 1999

  • Surveyor General’s Office
  • Calhoun Candlebox
  • Charlie Torrey, Land Office Clerk, may have hastened outbreak of the Civil War.
  • McRae Family History
  • Obits:  Mary McRae Rogers, Clifford Hartmen, James Glenn Butler, Sr., John Wm. Brodhag, Robert E Fisher, Byron L Jones, Dale E Babbitt, Betty Jean Sale, Sara Walter, Mary Alice Johanning.

Vol. 25, No. 4, Winter, 1999

  • Winter School District #70



  • Big Springs Militia in Battle at Big Blue
  • Frank Spencer family
  • Obits: Roy Tarr, Nellie Glenn, Lewis A Goodrick, Margaret V Noe, Rev. Lybran Endsley, Eunice Mellinkoff, Elda Gregg Dietrich, Dale LeRoy Glenn.


  • Big Springs Livestock & Agricultural Fair
  • Obits:  William Brass, Ruth Reid, Rosamond Barland, Margaret Jasperson.


  • McClanahan Log Cabin
  • Norwood Family History
  • Obits: Irene Elaine Gentry, Betty Lou Kennedy, William J Boydston, Dorothy E Kent.


  • Lecompton: Civil War Birthplace.
  • Troups Stationed at Lecompton During Territorial Period
  • Otto Durow



  • Lecompton Townlots
  • Kansas History
  • Obits:  Norma R Nesmith Bee, Carolyn M Helmer, Howard N McKenzie, Gilbert Alfred Bates, Myron A Powell


  • Building the Lecompton Territorial Capital
  • Obits:  Elmer E “Red” Goodrich,
  • George Ellis Smith, Archie Dale Foree, Ruth Edith Harris, Neta Ione Wilson, Mildred Oneita Higginbotham, William S Wingfield, Ivan F Glenn, Charley A Paslay

Bald Eagle Vol 27, No. 3, Fall 2001

  • Honest Story of the Lecompton Convention and Delegates
  • Korean War, 50th Anniversary Commemoration
  • Dr. John A read (1834 – 1918)
  • Obits: Harry William McCall, Agnes Rogers Keller, Olin K Petefish, Homer Wright McClanahan, Ruth O Gowing, Oscar Gowing, Maisie H George, Ruth H Rudin, Dorothy Vera Beatty, Irene Sperry, John H Vogel, Merle Stover, Glen Harvey Pierce


  • Visitors to Museum include all 50 states and 18 foreign countries
  • Kansas Supreme Court Justices tour Lecompton
  • Lecompton History and Growth
  • Obits: R Russell Allbaugh, H Leonard Williams, Bessie Schwanke, Helen J Cady, Darlene R Becker, Susan Cheryly Reynolds Everman.



  • William R Smith: Lecomptonite Makes Good
  • Historical War Map of 1862
  • Obits: Elizabeth Katie Dunn, George Edwin Person, Meta Clarkson, Robert William Gray, Billie Darlene Inloes, Marguerite Bowman, Annette Leach, Lavina R Hanna.


  • Lecompton History and Importance
  • Obits:  Myrtle Evelyn Strhan, Marjorie J Daniels, Margaret Mitzi DiPietra, Myrtle E Stember.

Bald Eagle, Vol. 28, No. 3, Fall 2002

  • Yarnold School District #40
  • Obits: A. Lowell Geelan, Dr. Jack Bronson, Opal Godfrey Matney Hall, Alice J Hoad, Donald Emery, Jr., George D Fowler.

Bald Eagle, Vol. 28, No. 4, Winter 2002

  • Museum Annual Report
  • 1858 New York Times front page stories on Lecompton
  • Obits: Louis F Traxler, Earl Williams Hoage, Joseph Henry Hoage, A. Duane Robison, Erma M Kollin, Juanita B Strait, Geraldine M Harrell, Maybelle S “Duggie Hall, Doris H Matney.



  • Lecompton Doctors
  • Obits: Esther Ivene Spencer, Robert G Billings.

Bald Eagle Vol. 29, No. 2, Summer 2003

  • Radical United Brethren Church
  • Aristide Rodrigue, Lecompton’s First City Father and First Physician
  • Obits: Bera Jean Bylaska, Claudette Mary Oldham, Arthur LaDuke, Vivian G Clough, Louise Clark Shiffer, Betty Jean Woodman.

Bald Eagle, Vol. 29, No 3, Fall 2003

  • Douglas County County School District No. 24; AKA Dog Holler School and Greenwood Valley School
  • Obits:  Philip Wizer, Albert E McRae, C W “Bud” Kellum, Richard L “Gus” Hildrenbrand, Joyce Leome Dexter.

Bald Eagle, Vol. 29, No 4, Winter 2003

  • Christmas Vespers
  • A Southerner’s Viewpoint of the Kansas Situation, 1856 – 1857, The Letters of Lt. Col. A.J. Hoole, Confederate States of America.
  • Tim Rues
  • Obits:  Esther Grace Zart, H F “Fred” Middleton, Bruce Hoad, Robert L Wulfkuhle, Carl Thomas Kuker, John C Inloes, John Thomas Wesley Price, Donald K Matney, Ella Marie Souders, Mary M Powell, James Wilbur James Sr.


Bald Eagle, Vol. 30, Nov. 1, Spring 2004

  • The Politics of 1854 and the Commemoration of 2004
  • Bleeding Kansas, Contested Liberty in the Civil War Era by Nicole Etcheson
  • Blanton’s Crossing and the Wakarusa War
  • Obits:  Margaret Lucile Thompson, Oneta Helen Brown, Elizabeth Sanders, Anna Louise Hoffsommer, Francis Fredrick Kennedy, Neil H Higginbotham, Albert Preston Cole, Jack Collins

Bald Eagle, Vol 30, No 2, Summer 2004

  • Travel Magazines Discover Lecompton’s Historic Attractions
  • Fresh Look at the Lecompton Historical Society’s Gieseman Map Collection
  • Obits:  Alice Lee Lewis, LeVona “Jackie Grace” Morey, Phyllis Helene Martin, Mae M Norwood, Warene Gibbens, Glenn L Kappelman, Freda B Spencer


  • Absolum Winter, Early Lecompton Pioneer and his lineage
  • Charlene and A.K. Winter
  • Restoration of Democratic Headquarters
  • Obits:  Janice R Roberts, Wilma Young, Charles Calvin Conklin, Carol L Scheve, Pearl Estella Wolfe.

Bald Eagle, Vol. 30, No. 4, Winter 2004

  • School House Burns, reprint from Lecompton Sun 1919.
  • Old grade school remembered.
  • Bleeding Kansas Series 2005 Announced
  • Bald Eagle Rendezvous photos
  • Obits:  Ronald R Robb, Harold L Crady, Ester Bahnmaier Matney, Robert Henry Walter.


Bald Eagle Vol31.No1.Spring.2005

  • Camp Sackett threated by possible rock quarry
  • 1856 Frank Leslie reprint about Camp Sackett
  • Excerpts from Sara Robinson’s Book
  • Obits: Lucille Marjorie Morris, Teresa Anderson Griffin, Harold V Leslie, Dean Eldwin Wilson, Arthur E Newell, Helen Louise Henry, Robert G “Jerome” Holzmeister

Bald Eagle Vol31.No2.Summer.2005

  • Camp Sackett Saved
  • Helen Hildenbrand stories of old time Lecompton
  • Obits:  Donald Owen Baughman, Irma Kellogg Adams Wallace, Arlene M Johnson, Betty Jean Rogers, Clarence David Boose, Donald D “Bud” Rake, Nadine Pearl Brooke

Bald Eagle Vol31.No3.Fall.2005

  • 150th Anniversary of Lecompton’s designation as Territorial Capital
  • Kansas Territorial Capitol Ground Breaking Speech by Gov. Shannon
  • Marie Paslay Neill Remembers
  • Obits: Betty Jean Shutts,  Merle C Barytlet, Fern Wheatley, Maud H Spencer, Wilma Eva Shipers

Bald Eagle Vol31.No4.Winter.2005

  • Bald Eagle Rendezvous
  • Helen Norwood and Edyth Stevenson Histories
  • Obits:  Bernard E Nordling, Robert Charles Kollin


Bald Eagle Vol32.No1.Spring.2006

  • Lecompton’s War Hero Major Charles Hetrick
  • 2006 Bleeding Kansas Lecture Series
  • Obits:  Paul Kendal Hoffsommer, Norma Jan Winburn, Wayne Edward Corbin, Wesley McFarland Norwood, Evelyn Chrystine Goodrich, Helen G Jeffries Wilt Kampschroeder, Leonard Lee Smith, Harry Buchheim, Alfre Yost,

Bald Eagle Vol32.No2.Summer.2006

  • Lecompton’s Sesquicentennial
  • Spencer Farm History
  • Ft. Titus Replica
  • Obits:  William H Faust, Bessie Irene Harris, Arthur Max Steinman, Dr. Richard J Brown,  George W Champney Sr.

Bald Eagle Vol32.No3.Fall.2006

  • The Churches of Big Springs
  • Constitution Hall Rededicated After 150 Years
  • Obits:  Owen Bogner, Mildred Penny, Ruth June Reed, Robert R Steinmetz

Bald Eagle Vol32.No4.Winter.2006

  • Kansas Territorial Governors
  • Obits:  Elizabeth J Johnson, Arthur G McPherson, Fay Talley, Margaret Velma McMasters.



  • Lecompton Constitution Back in Lecompton!
  • Lecompton Reenactors
  • Obits:  Alice Lee Blake, Harriet “Betty” Johnson Wallace.

Bald Eagle 07 Summer

  • Lane University Sesquicentennial  Display Features Col. Titus’ Sword
  • Artist Ellen Duncan
  • Constitution Hall: 8th Wonder of Kansas
  • Obits:  Jerry Wagner Schmitt, Elizabeth R “Betty” Spencer, Danny Rothwell Brune, Nancy Marie Foster, Robert M Brooks, Faye S Robuck Ayers.

Bald Eagle 2007 Fall

  • Constitution Hall
  • 24 Wonders of Kansas
  • Obits:  Susie L McGiffert, R. M. Bob McGiffert, Clare J Colman, Mae Jean Graves, Edith Louise Norman Stevenson.

Bald Eagle 2007 Winter

  • Constitution Hall 8th Wonder of Kansas
  • Bleeding Kansas Lecture Series 2008
  • The Lecompton Reenactors
  • Obits:  S. Mae Holderman, Hortense “Tensie” Cassady Oldfather, John J Conard Sr., Aurelia Istas, Alvin “Pat” Istas.



  • Dorothy Shaner
  • One-Room Mound School
  • The Lecompton Quilt
  • Obits: Charles R Worley, Dorris Annie Norwood


  • Chester Arthur, US President 1881-1885, Visits Lecompton in 1857
  • Photos of HWY 40
  • Obits:  Glendon Harris, Naomi H Nelson, Clarence E Daniels, Laura M Petrie, Susie B Reynolds Richardson, Emma Anna Toddhunter, Elmer Fred Smith,


  • Harvest Home Picnic, predecessor of Territorial Day celebration
  • Kansas Territorial Constitution Convention
  • Obits: Alice Clare Wright, C Robert Dennon, Bob J Wood, J Frank Spencer, Marie K Neill, Merton William Kent


  • How Kansas Inspired Lincoln
  • The Lecompton Constitution and the Lincoln Douglas Debate
  • Obits:  Helen Josephine Hildenbrand, Hazel Ione Paslay, Osborne Webster



  • Publication of Cemeteries & Known Burials by Spencer and Middleton
  • James Eagle headstone in Big Springs Eastview Cemetery
  • Maple Grove Cemetery, St. Peter’s Cemetery, Stull Cemetery
  • 1942 Topeka Capital Reprint on moving the Lecompton Cemetery of 1854
  • Obits:  Emmett A Casey, L Madalyn Scott, Louise L Glenn-Faulker, Everett M O’Conner.

Bald Eagle  09  spring

  • Football Teams
  • John Brown’s Last Letter
  • Obits:  Charles William Geelan, Marian Lorraine Hyatt, Therwin Glenn Griffith, Verne R Hall, Leland Frederick Hartman, Elizabeth “Betty” Day Jefferson, Elizabeth M Groh, Marcella G Anderson, Mary Louise French, Norbert Dale “Swede” Herschell, Jessie Marie Cassidy Branson, Margaret Alice Cole, Margery Ruth Plum, Robert W Golladay.


  • Lecompton’s Cemetery Book
  • Bald Eagle Rendezvous
  • Obits:  Merle C Bartlett, Marian Irene Carr, Elaine B Daniels, LaVern McClanahan Conklin, Irene V Hoffsommer, Mary Lee Holzmeister


  • Abraham Lincoln Slept Here?
  • Obits:  Leon F Condley, Bertie Lee Morris.



  • Lincoln, Lecompton, Leavenworth, New York.
  • Lincoln’s Cooper Union Speech, 1860
  • Lincoln’s Leavenworth Speech, 1859
  • Lecompton Census 1860
  • Lecompton High School Football Teams: 1959, 1965
  • Obits: Kathleen Lynn Finn, Ross E Wulfkuhle, Bernard Eugene Fordice, Walter Lester Stauffer, Katherine E Johanning, Gloria Mae Baugher Ward.

Bald Eagle 10 Summer

  • Dwight Eisenhower’s Parents
  • Bleeding Kansas Lecture Series
  • Obits: Carl John Peterson, Letha L Wulfkuhle, Robert A Carson, Martha Louise Robb, Helen Elizabeth Norwood, Fritz E McClanahan, Jeanne A Boucher


  • Eisenhower Wedding Re-Enactment
  • Could Buchanan have stopped the Civil War?
  • Alumni Photos
  • Obits:  Virginia Tuttle, Richard Shellhorn, James McClanahan, Naomi Ruth Chiles


  • Territorial Governor Samuel Medary, Lincoln’s Lecompton Host?
  • Lecompton’s Veterans Monument
  • Obits:  Dorothy Kramer, Harold “Zeke” Johanning, Hubert H Hall, Audrey Pearl Maust,  Doris Belden, Thomas Amyx, Harold Wayne Chiles, Dorothy Orach.



  • The most infamous floor brawl in the history of the US House of Representatives 1958
  • Lecompton “Quiz”
  • The Governor’s Mansion in 1856
  • Obits:  Raymond Schimmel, Norman Earl Redford, Henrietta Anderson, Elizabeth Josephine Brune, Bonnie Kathleen King, Irene A Anno, Alvin E Daniels


  • Gov. Brownback proclaims June 19-25 as Lecompton Territorial Days
  • Veterans’ Monument Dedication
  • Obits: Marjorie E Endsley


  • Lecompton Post Office Slated for Closure
  • Veterans’ Memorial Dedication
  • NYC Institute Selects Lecompton for Lincoln Exhibit
  • Obits: Winifred A Howley, Earl G Glenn, Larry Duane Sanford, Willis M Horton, Irma Maxine Dark


  • Lincoln Looks West to Kansas
  • Early Cemeteries Near Lecompton
  • 1859 Lecompton: The KT Town Most Likely to Succeed
  • Lawyers of Old Lecompton
  • Obits: Francis L “Sonny” Foley



  • Jim Lane portrait donated
  • Gorrill Farmstead on Kansas Historic Place Register
  • A Remembrance of Lecompton and Lane University in the 1870s by Charles Wesley Smith,  Lane University student from 1875 – 1879
  • Obits: Richard Harry Smith, George R Simmons, Bill Cree, Chester C Gibbens


  • Battle of Ft. Titus: 1st battle with casualties between free state and pro  slavery men
  • Obits: Corwin Everett Sperry, Margaret Colman Wuflfkuhllle, Rev. Paul H Kapp, Margaret H Wizer


  • Current Events:  Berry Plastics
  • Obits:  Gladine Shirley Marshalick, Joseph Saylor Stauffer, William E Van Dyke, Dianna Marie Grandstaff


  • Lecompton Rural High School
  • Relocation and Restoration of the 1892 City Jail
  • Christmas at Lecompton 1876
  • Obits:  Fred Shipman Winter, Martha “Joann” Cook, Delmar Joseph Barland, Herbert L Rogers, Alden E “Wally” Holderman



  • Historic Landmark Burns: Glenn Schoolhouse
  • 1892 Jail Dedication
  • New York Times article about Lecompton
  • Obits: Elizabeth Traxler Norris, Dorothy E Shaner, Leo Joseph Anderson, Larry L Gates, Bill Edward Garrett, Johnny “Buffalo” Trammel


  • Original Tombstone of Sheriff Samuel J Jones Comes to Lecompton
  • Obits:  Betty Lou (Damm) Carothers, Glenn Kirk Henry, James Franklin Chiles, Winton Allen Winter, Ula (Bates) Armstrong, Mary Maxine Maust Fowler


  • City Jail and Sheriff Jones Tombstone Dedicated
  • Final Defeat of Lecompton Constitution
  • Obits:  Marvin Eugene Grandstaff, Jean Curfman Cozad, Thomas Chester Skinner


  • John Calhoun Painting Donated
  • Pro and Anti Lecompton Rallies held throughout the United States, 1857 and 1858
  • Obits: Richard C. Walter, George Edward Yost, H Justine Curry.


  • Professor Chen and KU Journalism Class promoting visibility for Lecompton
  • House Resolution Recognizes 155th Anniversary of House Rejection of Lecompton Constitution
  • One of a Kind Map Collection at Territorial Capital Museum
  • Obits:  Virginia “Ginger” Marshall Rothwell, Alva John Pletcher, Edward Cook, Judith Ann Hoage, Corrine L Fleming Childs, Irene Elaine Kibbee Dark, Edna Florence Chiles


  • George Caleb Bingham’s “order No. 11” painting
  • Gieseman Map Collection
  • Women Mayors of Lecompton
  • Obituaries: Paul Garber, Carl Eugene Silvers, Lillian Ruth Stauffer, Bill Hodson, Allen K “AK” Winter, Anita Smith.


  • Famous Floor Brawl on the floor of the US House of Representatives
  • Proposed Annexation of Nebraska south of the Platte River
  • PLHS Baseball Enjoys Banner Season
  • Obituaries:  Hazel (Glenn) Barger, Leatha Rose (Glenn) Cook, Helen (Banks) Crady, Larry Reace Stephens.


  • Professors of Ohio State visit Lecompton
  • History of Christmas Trees and Ornaments
  • Obituaries:  Larry Sumner, Shirley (Holderman) Funk, Dianna (Nichols) Meier, Esther (Moss) Wulfkuhle, Pauline (O’Hara) Lasswell, Michael Adams, Covert “Red” Cranwell


  • Story behind the Slogan on the Lecompton Mug
  • Inventory Project at the Territorial Capital Museum
  • Obituaries:  Helen (Connole) Horton, Edna (Horton) Walter, Dean “Smokey” Chiles, Wayne Stover, Dale Gregg, Mildred (Chiles) Lester, Jorg Stockinger, Norma Jean (Svoboda) Hamrick


  • Tim Rues Celebrates 20 Years in Lecompton
  • Oklahoma Travel Writer Visits Lecompton
  • Governor Walker’s Inaugural Address 1857
  • Lecompton Quilts
  • Territorial Day 1910
  • Obituaries:  Howard Sanford, Maurice Wustefeld, Grace (Kellogg) Melton, Doris (Holloway) Sindt, Otto Spurny, M. D., G. Kathryn (Dennon) Spurny.


  • Queen Victoria, Russian Czar and Other World Leaders Read About Lecompton in Newspapers.
  • Victorian, Vintage, Themed Christmas Display
  • NFL Honors Buddy Kellum of Lecompton
  • 1941 Letter to Sehon family from Dana Bartlett, Lane University graduate.
  • Obituaries:  Darlene (Carter) Steinman Paslay, Victorine (Barland) Vetter, Marquita “Mark” (Pickel) Christy.


  • George Vitus Noe Escorted Governor Charles Robinson to Camp Sackett in 1856
  • Hallowed Walls of Constitution Hall
  • Big Springs United Methodist Church,
  • Obituaries: Mason Brunton, Capt. Donald Fuston, Richard Werts, Calvin Kreipe, Dorothy (Checksfield) Smith.


  • The Poem that Saved Constitution Hall by Opal Goodrick
  • Volunteers Ruth Ice and Donna Koepp
  • Obituaries:  Gilbert Bates, Harriet (Reisner) Harwood, Kathleen (McBride) Hall.

Fall.20 16

  • Reenactment of the Battle of Fort Titus
  • Obituaries:  Robert Sulzen, Nancy (Morris) Howard.


  • Lecompton Wins a “Best Small Town in Kansas” award
  • Christmas in Lecompton Exhibit 2016
  • Kaw River
  • Lecompton Ads in 1858 Newspaper
  • Obituaries:  Dennis Hetrick, Martin Long, Lola Jean (Oberhelman) Lyne, James “Bud” Banks, Georgiiiiiiia (Spencer), Wingfield, Anna Mae (Weeks) Hibner, Early L. Lewis, Helen (Hodson) Bates, Gerald Ice.


  • Happy 135th Birthday to the Lane University Building
  • Marv Kellum Highlighted in Wichita Eagle
  • Letter from Coach Nelson
  • Obituaries: Elaine (Barr) Wilson, William Sayler, Virginia (Richards) Rainbolt, Marvin Maydew, Julia (Ice) Hill, Charles Wright


  • Lecompton Constitution is 160 Years Old
  • World War One Participants from Lecompton, Big Springs, Stull and Kanwaka
  • Spanish Influenza Pandemic during World War One
  • Clarence Smith, Beloved Teacher and World War One Veteran.
  • 1867 Earthquake
  • Vicki Leochner Retires
  • Historic LaDuke Farmhouse Rehabilitation
  • Obituaries: Earle Kasson, Richard Traxler, Thomas Rainbolt, Emil Heck, Jr.


  • World War One Exhibit
  • Grover Hoch-Wald Tuberculosis Ranch
  • Redemption City
  • Timeline of the Lecompton Constitution
  • 1919 Red Cross Pin
  • Obituaries:  Dorothea Kline, Duane Wyatt, Sr., Elizabeth (Quigley) Heck, Willa (Kline) Grandstaff Norwood.


  • Mayors of Lecompton
  • Radical United Brethren Church
  • Lecompton Territorial Legislature Walnut Desk
  • Obituaries:  Ed Turner, Norma (Cree) Walter, Lila (Baughman) Dionne, Larry Plumb, Marvin Hartman, Donald McAfee, Dorothy (Montgomery) Bower, Melvin Dark.